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The Names and Characteristics of the Qur'aan
Source: How To Memorise the Qur'aan (ITI Publications)
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To assist you in knowing the true worth of the Qur'aan, you should know that Allaah has named the Qur’an with many names and amongst them are:

Al-Qur’an (theRecital),  Al-Furqaan (the Criterion between Truth and falsehood), at-Tanzeel (the Revelation), Al-Kitaab (the Book).

Allaah has also given the Qur’an many descriptions in His verses and amongst them are:

Noor (Light), Huda (Guidance), Mau’idhah (Admonition), Shifaa’ (Healing), Rahmah (Mercy), Mubaarak (Blessing), Mubeen (Clear, Manifest), Bushraa (Good Tidings), Azeez (Mighty), Majeed (Glorious), Basheer (Bringer of Glad Tidings), Nadheer (Warner), Kareem (Noble), Ahsanul-Hadeeth (the Best of Speech)

Allaah the Exalted said, in describing His Book:

Allaah has sent down the most beautiful of speech, a Book, (parts of it) resembling (others) oft-repeated. The skins of those who fear their Lord shiver from it. Then their skins and their hearts soften to the remembrance of Allaah (Zumar 39:23)

Originally from: Kaifa Nafhamul-Qur'aan of Jameel Zainoo, with slight modification.

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