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Our Creed & Methodology

  1. Judging to the Noble Qur’aan and the Authentic and Purified Sunnah in every affair of the affairs of life.

  2. Every issue of aqeedah (creed), ibaadah (worship) or manhaj (methodology) which the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah has not provided a text for and upon which the Companions never agreed upon is falsehood, vain and innovated.

  3. Affirming what is established in the Book and the Authentic Sunnah in every issue of the issues of aqeedah and not resorting to ta’weel (figurative interpolation) with respect to any of it and not delving into argumentation regarding it in that for which there is no place for the intellect.

  4. Not arguing with the People of Innovations and Desires, or sitting with them, listening to their words or presenting any of their doubts (to others).

  5. The Prophetic Manhaj (methodology) which is found in the Qur’aan, the Saheeh compilations of Bukhaaree and Muslim and the remaining books of the Sunnah and the sayings and actions of the Salaf us-Saalih, not the various new and pretentious manaahij (methodologies).

  6. Acquainting the Muslims of their true religion and calling them to act in accordance with its teachings and rulings and to adorn themselves with its excellencies and its noble manners - which will guarantee for them the pleasure of Allaah and which will bring into reality both happiness and glory.

  7. Warning the Muslims from Shirk (associating partners with Allaah) in all its different manifestations, and from innovations, all strange and false thoughts and rejected and fabricated hadeeth - all of which have mutilated the beauty of Islaam and have prevented the advancement and progress of the Muslims.

  8. Eagerness for bringing about the Jamaa’ah of the Muslims and uniting their word upon the truth and in the truth. And these multiplicity of contemporary groups and parties have divided the Muslims and have mutilated the beauty of Islaam.

  9. It is a duty upon every Muslim, Muwahhid to restore and offer the rights that the Sharee’ah has upon him with respect to the Scholars, the Senior Shaikhs - to respect them, honour them, giving them their due recognition and estimation, taking knowledge from them, refraining from attacking them and their honour and keeping far from causing doubt about their intentions. So do not be a helper to the criminals by abandoning the Scholars of the Sunnah, and by this action of yours, make the people flee from them, from their lectures and gatherings - and forsake them, leaving them as booty for the Du’aat (callers) of political agitation and incitement or leave them neglected as prey for the various parties and groups.

  10. Getting closer to Allaah - the Mighty and Majestic - by giving obedience to whomever Allaah has placed over our affair and not to rebel against him.

  11. Following the truth, absolutely and unconditionally in both narration (riwaayah) and opinion (ra’i) without specifying a specific person or group besides the Messenger (sas) as someone to be followed in all circumstances.

  12. We love every Muslim to the extent of what he possess of obedience, following (of the Sunnah) and we hate him to the extent of what he possess of disobedience and opposition (to the Sunnah). And we love the one who aids the Sunnah and its people and we hate the one who helps Innovation and its people.

  13. We love the Companions of the Messenger of Allaah (sas) and we detest everyone who speaks ill about them. And when you see a man speaking bad about a single one of the Companions of Allaah’s Messenger (sas), then know that he is a Zindeeq (heretic).

  14. We believe that the Qur’aan is the Speech of Allaah, it is not created and we do not declare anyone from the people of the qiblah to be a disbeliever on account of a sin that he committed - so long as he does not declare it to be permissible.

  15. We reject those who divide the religion into the categories of a) trivial and b) important matters, and we know that this is a destructive call. And we reject those who desert the knowledge of the Sunnah, who abandon acting by it and who abandon separating what is authentic from what is inauthentic.

  16. Tasfiyyah (purification of the religion in terms of aqeedah and ibaadah) and Tarbiyah (nurturing and cultivation upon the pure religion) upon the Straight Prophetic Methodology and the guiding understanding of the Salaf.

  17. Refuting every opposer (to the Sunnah) whether he is a Muslim or other than that - whatever level his slip or mistake might be, regardless of whether his opposition to the truth occurred deliberately or as an error - whatever methodology he may ascribe to - with whatever is possible from the use of evidences - so that this Noble Religion retains its purity and innocence and so that the people can drink from it, certain of its sweet taste.

  18. Speaking the truth, not fearing the censure of those who blame and rebuke and holding on to the Sunnah with the molar teeth amidst all the controversies and differences, till the affair of Allaah is established.

And all praise is due to Allaah and prayers and peace upon His Messenger, Muhammad, his family and his Companions.

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