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Hisham Kabbani   (21 Articles)
Exposing Kabbani 21 : In Defence of Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim
The view of the Ulamaa concerning Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn al-Qayyim and an uncovering of Kabbani's deception. [05-Jul-99 : 08:14 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 20 : Distortion and Defamation
May Allaah disfigure the appearance of Kabbani as he has disfigured the views and statements of the Salafis in order to demonise them in front of the common-folk. A look at Kabbani's methodology. [05-Jul-99 : 08:11 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 19 : Why Oppose the Salaf?
A look at the reason why people oppose the Salaf in the issue of the Names and Attributes of Allaah. [05-Jul-99 : 08:07 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 18 : The Perils of Resorting to Kalaam
Kabbani, unfortunately was not saved by Allaah from the grave danger of `Ilm ul-Kalaam, the pathway to heresy. [05-Jul-99 : 08:04 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 17 : Kabbani's Attempts to Ascribe Ta'wil to Imaam Ahmad
A refutation of the claim made by Kabbani and his fellow Jahmites that Imaam Ahmad and others from the Salaf performed Ta'wil [30-Jun-99 : 08:50 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 16 : Allaah's Uluww in the Light of the Way of the Salaf
The Salaf's position on this fundamental aspect of Aqidah against which Kabbani wages war. [30-Jun-99 : 08:47 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 15 : Kabbani's Limitation of Allaahs' Attribute of Hearing
Kabbani shoots himself in the foot in his attempts to negate Allaah's being above the Heavens. [30-Jun-99 : 08:45 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 14 : Where is Allaah and the Hadith of the Slave Girl
A reply to Kabbani's feeble attempts to negate Allaah being above the Heavens and proof of the authenticity of the hadith of the slave girl. [30-Jun-99 : 08:42 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 13 : Kabbani and the Throne of Allaah
A look at Kabbani's attempt to prove a metaphorical meaning for the Throne of Allaah. [30-Jun-99 : 08:39 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 12 : Kabbani and the Usage of the Term 'Bi Dhaatihi'
A look at Kabbani's confusion with respect to this term and his contradictory nature. A look at position of the Salaf on this issue. [30-Jun-99 : 08:25 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 11: Kabbani's Teacher Claims Mankind is Uncreated
Nazim al-Qubrusi's wild statements and regarding which Kabbani finds no fault. Why the double standards? One rule for the Salafis and another for the Heretical Sufis! [30-Jun-99 : 08:21 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 10 : Kabbani's Slander of Tajseem Against Ibn Taymiyyah
A reply to Kabbani's accusation of Tajseem (Anthropomorphism) against Shaikh ul-Islam and issues related to the person and scholarship of Shaikh ul-Islam. [30-Jun-99 : 06:47 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 9 : Kabbani and the Apparent Meanings of the Book & Sunnah
A discussion of the claim of Kabbani that accepting the dhaahir meanings leads to kufr and apostasy. [30-Jun-99 : 06:36 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 8 : The Creed of Abu Hanifah and Mulla Ali al-Qari's Statement
A look at the creed of Abu Hanifah and Mulla Alee al-Qari's statement on Tafweed. Also includes Kabbani's misunderstanding of Tafweed. [30-Jun-99 : 06:28 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 7 : The True Way of the Salaf in Kabbani's Books
Kabbani quotes some well known statements of the Salaf which represent the way of the Salaf in understanding the Attributes of Allaah, however he does not portray them as such. [30-Jun-99 : 03:05 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 6 : Kabbani and His Understanding of Allaah's Attribute of Hand
Kabbani's feeble attempt to prove metaphorical meanings for Allaah's Attributes highlighted. [30-Jun-99 : 03:02 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 5 : Kabbani and the Naqshabandi Deception
A look at the deceiving tactics of Kabbani and his claim that he represents the views of Ahl us-Sunnah [30-Jun-99 : 02:59 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 4 : A Censure of Ta'weel
The Ulamaa of the Salaf on the Censure of Ta'weel and Kabbani's opposition to his own principles. [30-Jun-99 : 02:55 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 3 : Kabbani, a Neo-Jahmite
A look at how Kabbani's way is in fact that of the Jahmiyyah and is not in accord with those whom he ascribes himself to such as Abu Hasan al-Ash'aree and Abu Hanifah. [30-Jun-99 : 02:51 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 2 : Imaam Tirmidhi's Reply to Kabbani
A look at the statement of Imaam at-Tirmidhi and how it refutes Kabbani's allegations, leaving him nowhere to turn. [30-Jun-99 : 02:47 PM]
Exposing Kabbani 1 : On Comparing Allaah to the Sun and Moon
A reply to Kabbani's allegation that the Salafis compare Allaah to the Sun and Moon [30-Jun-99 : 02:43 PM]

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