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Abdur-Razzaq ash-Shayijee   (8 Articles)
Refuting ash-Shayijee : Shaikh al-Fawzaan Free's Himself from the Lie of Ash-Shayijee
Outlining the lies and distortions of ash-Shayijee in his attempts to justify and adopt the ways and methods of democracy. [15-Jul-00 : 06:23 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Shayijee and the Mistakes of Muslim Callers
Outlining the lies and distortions of ash-Shayijee in his attempts to justify and adopt the ways and methods of democracy. [26-Jun-99 : 11:06 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Shayjiee, the Salafis and Looking into the Affairs of the Ummah
A look at another of Shayijees slanders. His accusation against the Salafis that they forbid looking into the affairs of the Ummah. [26-Jun-99 : 10:56 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Shayijee's Forgery Against Shaikh Bin Baaz
Shayijee misinterprets some advice given by Shaikh Bin Baaz (rh) which was general to all du'aat and applies it specifically to those for whom he has intense hatred. [26-Jun-99 : 07:47 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Concerning the Ways and Means of Da'wah
Refutation of the principle that the ways and means of dawah are down to Ijtihad, something which Shayijee supports and uses to attack the Salafis. [26-Jun-99 : 07:01 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Concerning the Groups of Innovation
A reply to Shayijee's slanderous accusation against the Salafis regarding their stance about the present groups and parties. [26-Jun-99 : 06:53 PM]
Refuting Shayijee : Al-Muwazanah - Mentioning the Good and Bad Points Together
A reply to the innovation of al-Muwazanah, used by the Qutubiyyah and Sururiyyah. The statements of the Ulamaa on this issue. [25-Jun-99 : 10:06 AM]
Refuting Shayijee : Introduction
Sections from the book addressing the numerous allegations and slanders ash-Shayijee has made against the Salafis and their Ulamaa. Introduction to the book. [25-Jun-99 : 09:59 AM]

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