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Abul-Hasan as-Sulaymaanee al-Ma`ribee   (13 Articles)
Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee al-Madkhalee on the Defenders of Abul-Hasan al-Misree in Luton, England
The Shaykh answers questions on the followers of al-Ma'ribee in Luton, UK, how to behave with them, and replies to some of their false doubts. [20-Jan-03 : 12:00 AM]
Repelling the Marauding Menace of the Mubtadi' of Ma'rib: The Contract of Hizbiyyah
Shaykh Ubayd al-Jaabiree comments upon the contract laid down by Abul-Hasan al-Misree for the Salafees of the UK and explains that it contains dhulm and hizbiyyah, and that it is nullified due to its opposition to the Book and the Sunnah. [17-Jan-03 : 08:09 PM]
[ ] The Divine Victory in Refuting Abul-Hasan the Sulaymaanee
Abdullaah al-Bukhaaree's 200 page refutation of the Dajjaal of Yemen, exposing him as a liar, calculating deceiver, man of false principles, mocker of the Scholars, and a man of great mistakes and deviations. A gift to the astray Mumayyi'ah. [02-Jan-03 : 12:00 AM]
Repelling the Marauding Menace of the Mubtadi' of Ma'rib: The Heretical Innovator's Revilement of Two of the Prophets of Allaah - Following the Footsteps of Sayyid Qutb
Exposing the looseness of the Innovator's tongue from which neither the Scholars of the Sunnah, nor the Companions and nor the great Prophets of Allaah are safe. [20-Nov-02 : 10:10 PM]
The Position of al-Ma’ribee on Khabar ul-Waahid is that of Ahl ul-Bid’ah and is the Most Futile of Falsehoods
Explanation of the reality of the method of al-Ma'ribee in entering his great falsehood on the issue of khabar ul-waahid into the ranks of Ahl us-Sunnah, intending by that to actually accommodate Ahl ul-Bid'ah and silence any speech about them. [29-Oct-02 : 10:43 PM]
Shaykh Rabee on the Reality of al-Ma'ribees Extensive Vast Manhaj To Accommodate the Whole Ummah (i.e. all the Innovators and Sects)
Shaykh Rabee' bin Haadee exposing the inner secrets of the plots of the Sulaymaanee Mubtadi' who entered into the da'wah of Ahl us-Sunnah in Yemen to implement his devised strategy of spreading the Ikhwani Manhaj amongst the Salafees. Excellent! [14-Oct-02 : 10:54 PM]
Shaykh Rabee on Al-Ma'ribees Extension of the Ar'oori Principle of Defending and Protecting the Innovators
Allaahu Akbar. Abul-Fitan ad-Daal al-Mubtadi speaking with the extension of the perished Ar'oori principle of defending and protecting the Innovators is exposed. When will the Muqallidah leave this Ikhwani Innovator, whose fitnah is most severe?! [11-Oct-02 : 10:38 PM]
[ ] Repelling the Marauding Menace of the Mubtadi' of Ma'rib: Al-Ma'ribees Deceptions Concerning Khabarul-Aahaad
A nice article explaining the deception of al-Ma'ribee concerning the words of Imaam al-Albaani, Ibn Taymiyyah and Ibn Hazm and his clipping or omission of their statements to suit his desires on Khabar ul-Aahaad [20-Sep-02 : 12:00 AM]
[ ] Shaykh Rabee' On Mujmal and Mufassal : The Deceptions of al-Ma'ribee
An amazing uncovering of what is actually intended by the Mubtadi' of Ma'rib by his deceptive principle of Mujmal and Mufassal which he actually borrowed from the Ikhwaan to defend the Innovators. [20-Sep-02 : 07:25 PM]
[ ] Shaykh Rabee' On Khabarul-Aahaad - Part 3
The Shaykh this time exposes Abul-Hasan al-Misree's deception concerning the quotes from al-Albaani, Ibn Baaz, and Ibn Uthaymeen on the subject of Khabarul-Aahaad, and then brings the excellent refutation of Ibn al-Qayyim against the Innovators. [17-Sep-02 : 08:09 PM]
[ ] Shaykh Rabee' On Khabarul-Aahaad - Part 2
The Shaykh continues to destroy the remaining of the fifteen doubts brought by the scheming plotter in order to undermine the affairs of Jarh and to cause confusion amongst the Ummah concerning it. [17-Sep-02 : 08:03 PM]
[ ] Shaykh Rabee' On Khabarul-Aahaad - Part 1
The first of a number of refutations by Shaykh Rabee' against the scheming and plotting Abul Hasan al-Misree. This is on the subject of Aahaad Hadeeths and refuting fifteen doubts brought by Abul-Hasan al-Misree. [17-Sep-02 : 07:47 PM]
Repelling the Marauding Menace of the Mubtadi' of Ma'rib : The Statement of the Mashaayikh of Madinah
The Shaykhs of Madinah issue their statement concerning the condition of Abul-Hasan Mustafaa as-Sulaymaanee al-Ma'ribee and explain that he calls to tribulation and misguidance and warn from him and his gatherings. [07-Sep-02 : 12:00 AM]

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